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we DELIVER A FIRST CLASS-SERVICE for contract cleaning

Keep your premises in top condition

Our services range from end of tenancy to GP and Dental practice cleaning.

Providing a professional service

Allow us to take the burden of cleaning responsibilities off your hands. We have devised a systematic quality control and audit plan and clearly displayed sheets to measure and review the effectiveness of our cleaning. 

Contact our cleaning business now to hire the assistance of our cleaners.

End of Tenancy & One Time Cleans

Saverclean's end of tenancy and one time cleans, our a product of experienced professional expertise. We can work with you whether you want a one time deep clean or a pre-tenancy standard, Saverclean's services are designed to help you achieve this professionally at an affordable price.

GP and Dental medical practice cleaning

Our medical practice cleaning, is a product of experienced professional healthcare expertise. We can work with you to devise a cleaning plan to execute best practices that are drawn from CQC guideline. 

Residential and commercial grounds maintenance

Saverclean's services covers all forms of light maintenance of your front or back garden. We can install a garden vegetable patch within your cleaning session or simply just remove rubbish to cutting down annoying weeds. Contact us to see what services we provide for your garden maintenance.  

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